Design Services

Abigail’s Consign to Design offers custom furniture transformation services.  Each item is painted by hand with a brush by Abigail Crawford. I do not do spray painted finishes. If you are looking for a one of a kind, fabulous furniture transformation with character send us an email with a picture and your desired outcome and we can give you a quote on the cost Email:

Yes, I do paint with chalk paint that is measured out and carefully applied by me. The paint that we do apply to our furniture is made by me and right from my home! Not every piece for sale will be done in chalk paint, so if you’re wondering yes I also do the ol fashion painting with all different kinds of finishes, and of course stain.  All furniture items need to be delivered to my shop, and picked up at a designated time once the project has been scheduled.

Once the estimate has been provided you are required to provide 50% of the deposit at the time of scheduling.  Since each item is hand painted it may have natural imperfections due to the hand painting process and the age of vintage furniture.

How does it work?

1. You can email me a couple images of your piece of furniture (yes I prefer to work with solid wood furniture). Include the measurements of your piece and what you are looking for as an outcome for example “I want a european aged look or a more modern finished look”.  If you are looking for additional things such as knobs changed or dark waxed applied please let us know this as well so we can include this in your estimate.  Also include your color selection or idea.

2. I will email you back with an estimate for the work as well as a recommended color. I will also include a drop off time and pick up time for your project.  You are responsible for finding transportation for your furniture.

3. If you want to move forward with the project 50% of the cost is due at the time you have your furniture dropped off.

Most project take 1-2 weeks depending on the size and my schedule.


Dresser $150-$350

Side tables – $75-$150

Mirrors – $40-$200

Desks – $175-$300

Bed Frames $200-$500

Buffets $150-$550

Chairs $40 – $200

Dining Tables – $200-$850

China Hutch – $200-$650

Wardrobe -$200-$650

Kitchen Cabinets – TBD

*price varies depending on turn around time, paint finish and size. Email me for an estimate

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