A gift guide for new homeowners, with that farmhouse flare.


Disclosure: All opinions and results expressed in this article are 100% my own.

Surprise!!!! What you didn’t know before you clicked on this post is that you can find each, and everyone of these items on AMAZON! (Sound of heavens gates opening). Oh did I mention all of these products are under $50. So no breaking the bank on Christmas grandma. Alright time to get serious, because I am sure you’re just as exited as I am about this.

So I know what you’re thinking. Here is another one of those blog post on gift guides, where I have to click over a million times just to get to the page of the item I want? Nope! The way we do things around here on this blog (insert super southern accent) we get straight to the point! With a little sarcasm, of course.

Being 100% honest gift guides are really awesome to share around this time of year. Not many people know what to get someone for Christmas, and if you come from a huge family like me your budget can be pretty tight on gifts considering all the people you have to buy for, and because if you’re an OCD freak like me then you’re totally buying for everyone. (My mother is to blame for this)

This gift guide is meant for those who know someone that might of just moved into their apartment or just bought a home. Obviously that likes farmhouse style, and is known for going to flea markets, and thrift stores to see what items they can score. Farmhouse inspired home decor is not cheap, and that is why I’m here. So lets begin…

 1. The famous crock pot/slow cooker whatever you want to call it. I think this is the best thing to EVER be invented, and to have in your home. It makes life easier, and it makes delicious meals! I selected this one because it is totally affordable and has character! $24.99 Want this item? Click Here

2.  How could you go wrong with this personalized vintage distressed farm house look metal sign? You can’t get any more farmhouse with this sign. You can even have it personalized! Now that is a cool gift! $16.99 Want this item? Click Here

3. I can’t stress enough. These measuring cups have got to be the cutest cups I have ever seen. They get the job done, and sit very pretty for display on your counter top. $16.49 Want this item? Click Here

4. The Gains for president! Oh what a wonderful world that would be. Anyway who doesn’t absolutely love this power couple, and if you haven’t read their books you’re seriously missing out. Capital Gains just hit the shelves not to long ago, and this right here would make an awesome gift. $15.19 Want this item? Click Here

5. This 3 piece kitchen towel set is the perfect little touch for a farmhouse lover. Did I mention it even comes with a free cookie cutter! $18.00 Want this item? Click Here

6. Pillows are like the gravy to mashed potatoes. They pull everything together, and give whatever area you’re using them in a fluff. They’re comforting, inviting, and can really pull a room together when you need final touches done. The cool thing about Amazon is they’re so many options, and if you have an old pillow laying around that you just cant seem to throw away, just buy a pillow cover! These things are life savors… just like gravy is to mashed potatoes. $12.99 Want this item? Click Here

7. Farmhouse Signs! Everyone chant it three more times for the people in the back! FARMHOUSE SIGNS!!! These dang things can be expensive if you go to a local home decor store or even more expensive if you have one custom made! This little gem I found solved that issue for me personally! $11.95 Want this item? Click Here

8. All I’m going to say is if you don’t have one of these in your kitchen, and you call yourself the farmhouse decorating queen… then you’re doing it wrong. That is what makes this such an awesome gift! This farmhouse inspired utensil holder is an amazing deal. $19.99 Want this item? Click Here

9. Tea Towels… do I need to say anything more?! $7.93 Want this item? Click Here

10. This door knob sugar bowel is something special. It’s farmhouse, chic, and something everyone will love. YES that’s right EVERYONE will love this gift. $19.50 Want this item? Click Here

*Another really cool thing I came across on Amazon is that there is a company by the name of Mud Pie that is a fantastic source for farmhouse decor. I have purchased several items from them, and have been 5 star satisfied with everything! Even the shipping!

Want to get in on all the fun?! Check them out…. Click Here

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I liked writing it. Feel free to leave a comment, or message me with any questions or concerns.

Love, Abigail


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