Kate Spade Decor Anyone Can Do.

 Ok. So it’s pretty impossible to not be obsessed with Kate Spade’s gold polka-dotted vases, glittered coasters, and color blocked tumblers. All of the pretty accessories, sparkling drinkware, and witty words make it a little more fun. Right? As adorable as Kate Spade home decor may be, sometimes the prices are more than what you’re willing to spend, leaving you empty handed dreaming of what could be. Well, your dreams can now come true, thanks to these Kate Spade inspired DIYs that are better than buying the real deal.

Sorry, Kate

$80 Pearl Plus Vase VS. DIY Gold Dot Vase


Copy the look of this perfect gold polka-dotted vase for a fraction of the cost, by using an old glass vase, metallic craft paint, and a sponge. Any Dollar store in America will have this vase and you can simply find the gold polka-dots at a craft store near you!

$70 Storage Box Set VS. DIY Decorative Storage Boxes

Capture 1

Don’t be foolish. I mean if you have $100 laying around to spend on a couple of boxes be my guest, but to save you half the cost, you can easily find these same exact boxes at your local Hobby Lobby, TJ MAXX..etc. for half the price. Shoot probably even cheaper than that! You can even customize the labels! Of course the boxes wont be the same color that you had in mind, but that’s where a bottle of handy dandy spray paint comes in to place!

$20 Insulated Tumblr VS. DIY Insulated Tumblr

Capture 2

These are actually extremely easy to find during the summer season. At your local craft store they will have the “summer collection” out that very much mimic Kate Spade’s colors, and patterns. BUT of course if you’re anything like me you will want to make your very own. So what you do is…

Make sure that you have purchased a tumblr that has a in and out slot that you can easily access and take out to change up your design.

You can buy scrapbook paper OR find an awesome design online (Use cardstock paper) that fits your fancy.

Wrap it in a cone like shape and slide into your tumblr.

Screw lid back on tumblr.

Wahlah! You now have a DIY Kate Spade tumblr.

$40 Coasters VS. DIY Glitter Coasters

Capture 3

For the people who like to have a little sparkle in their lives.

You will need


Start by using another coaster to trace an outline.

 Cut it out.

With a paint brush, start covering one side of the coaster with mod podge.

 Continue to cover the entire area.

 I decided to do an ombre effect, so I added a greenish-gold glitter to a fourth of the coaster then three other sequential colors. Just pour the glitter on & it will stick to the coaster.

Once you’re finished, let this dry completely (overnight or for at least a few hours). Once it’s dry, cover with a generous amount of mod podge (just the side with the glitter). Allow this to completely dry.

$40 Daisy Place Medium Square Dish VS. Your DIY Dish

Capture 4

A place to hold all of your missing earrings, bobby pins, and things that probably shouldn’t be there, this chic Kate Spade square dish can be DIYed with gold paint, a Sharpie marker, and sealant spray.

You can easily find this square dish at your local Walmart or Dollar General.

Take painters tape and edge out the sides (that is the part that is going to be gold) Don’t forget to cover the entire plate because you don’t want spray paint in the middle of the plate.

Invest in a gold sharpie marker. I would practice on scap material before you immediately go to town writing on it. That’s just me but then again practice makes perfect ladies.

Last but least spray the plate with sealant spray and there you go. You now have a stylish dish that looks like it was just bought from a Kate Spade store!

Do you have any Kate Spade inspired DIYS? Please share with me!

Sorry Kate.


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